Naqib Ahmad Atal

Naqib Ahmad Atal is editor-in-chief of the provincial government newspaper in Nangarhar, Wolesi Hindarasman. He has been working with various local radio stations, websites and publications, as well as with the public broadcaster, RTA. Like many Afghan journalists, he received his journalistic training in workshops conducted by international media organisations. Naqib Ahmad grew up in a refugee camp in Pakistan, where his family fled in 1981, two years after Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan. At the age of 14, he returned with his family to Afghanistan. After finishing high school, he graduated from the literature faculty of Nangarhar university.

His cross-border contributions to Afghanistan Today include:


2014: Taking to the trenches

2013: Fading strains of Pashtun bards

2012: Soft hands, hard labour


2013: Going to bat for neighbours

2012: Passage of the white death

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