Fareedoone Aryan

Fareedoone Aryan, 27 years old, is the director of a leading media
house in Afghanistan. He has worked in media for over 12 years and
has worked with BBC, CNN, Hindustan Times, The News, Turkish National
Television, Al-Iraqia, Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, Tolo tv,
Lumar tv, Shamashad tv, Ariana tv, National Television (RTA).

Aryan has produced over 100 documentaries and more than 350 radio programs.
He is currently working on a series entitled 'The breadwinners', designed to inform, educate
and encourage Afghan women to play their vital role in the development
of the country.

Fareedoone also collaborated in several cross-border projects, contributing the following articles:

Af-Taj 2013: YouTube report (video)

Af-Taj 2013: The marriage bazaar

Af-Pak 2012: There's drama in the air

web: http://www.americaabroadmedia.org/programs/international/afghan-media-productions

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