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In loving memory of a son of our land

Masood Momin
27.09.2013  |  Kabul
 First Lieutenant Habibullah. Proud to serve, to the final hour. (Photo: Private)
 First Lieutenant Habibullah. Proud to serve, to the final hour. (Photo: Private)

This young man is my maternal aunt’s grandson, Police First Lieutenant Habibullah Amiry.

On September 18, 2013, he was returning from an operation against the Taliban in Wardooj District in Badakhshan Province when his unit was ambushed. Habibullah fell in battle with 17 of his comrades, and another 13 were wounded. 

Martyr Habibullah was a handsome and well-versed young man with a strong physique. Curious, wise and sociable, he always had a smile on his face. Ever since he was a child, he wanted to serve as an officer of the Afghan National Police. At the end of 2010, when he graduated from high school in Rustaq District in Takhar Province, he came to Kabul to enlist in the ANP.

In March 2011, Habibullah completed his six months of theoretical and practical police training at the Kabul Police Academy. 

After completing his training at the academy Habibullah was recruited to the Quick Reaction Forces in Mazar-e-Sharif. Over a short period of time and due to his outstanding performance, he was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant.

His most distinctive characteristic was his love and passion for defending his homeland under any circumstances. For this reason, he willingly participated in operations against the Taliban in Badakhshan, and made the ultimate sacrifice at the age of 25. 

Even as a police cadet he would talk about his ambitions and hopes to me on Friday nights. His dream was to become the Minister of Interior of Afghanistan and serve his country to the best of his ability so that no enemy of his homeland would accomplish their objectives. 

Martyr Habibullah was the eldest boy in his family. He had been engaged to his fiancee for only a week, and their wedding was to take place in the winter of this year. His place is now empty in his family and there is only a photograph of him left on a table. That is what his family and friends look at now.

His parents feel his absence in every breath they take.

May he always be remembered and may his path never remain untraveled. 

Masood Momin