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Leaps away from reality

Aref Karimi
The Afghan Mobile Mini-Circus for Children (MMCC) held a circus performance on April 20th 2015 for the children of IDPs in Shaidaie Camp displaced from provinces near Herat due to insecurity and drought.

A drop in the bucket

Asghar Noor Mohammad
From Karte Sakhy to Chendawol, many Kabul homes still have no access to clean running water. For families who don't own a donkey, it often falls on the shoulders of children to source plastic containers of water…

En vogue in Balkh

Tahera Hussaini
Afghan women have made huge advances in recent years as the fall of the Taliban and the Karzai years launched a more gender inclusive society. With the influx of foreign films and fashions, traditional beauty…

Jalalabad White House

Naqib Ahmad Atal
The opulent Nangargar replica of the US White House has critics divided in Jalalabad.

Bamiyan close-up

Tahera Hussaini
Bamiyan Province is famous for its Buddha statues and the stunning landscapes of the Band-e Amir National Park. But the province is also home to shepherds and farmers, skilled artisans, a burgeoning civil society…
Sweet Eid
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Prayer time in Herat
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Ramadan mubarak!
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Mud massacre
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Under the bridge
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Fields of harvest
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The good times
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Police academy
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Not forgotten
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Not so run of the mill
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Another brick in the wall
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The art of independence
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Bat out of Shadyan
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Busy bazaars before Eid
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Piece of cake
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Dam beautiful!
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Waiting for sunset
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Jail jobs
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Getting down to business
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Sharing the love
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Capital of culture vibe
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Engineering the future
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At the coal face
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A day at work
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Healing camp
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