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Mud massacre

Khushqadam Usmani
More than 2500 people are missing after a mudslide buried part of a village near the provincial capital Faizabad in Badakhshan Province on May 2.
3.05.2014  |  Faizabad

Khayalmah is not the only person I hear crying. There are many other women around who are also shedding tears. Some streets down below from Khayalmah's Red Cross tent, I hear a weak and very painful voice, the voice of a woman who lost eight of her children. She is 80-years-old, the eldest in her family and the only one who survived.  She is walking among crowds of people and mumbling “my son, my son” in Uzbeki. “I went to another village where I was invited. When I heard about  the catastrophe, I came home. When I arrived, nothing was left. My house is gone and so are my children," the survivor told Afghanistan Today.