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Farkhunda trial (photo: Uzra Shamal)
Farkhunda trial (photo: Uzra Shamal)
Farkhunda trial (photo: Uzra Shamal)

Farkhunda's fate

Uzra Shamal
The brutal lynching of Farkhunda and the subsequent criminal proceedings against the mob of men accused of her murder have become a rallying call for women's rights activists throughout the region. Afghanistan…

2014 in cartoons

Uzra Shamal
Election fever, mudslides and vanity fares, lawmakers on the run, defecting policemen, jihad tourists and a precariously balanced government: 2014 seen through the sketches of resident Afghanistan Today cartoonist…

Left to their own devices

Uzra Shamal
The announcement by President Barack Obama that only 1,000 US troops would remain in Afghanistan beyond 2016 has caused ripples through Afghan society, with many inside the country prophecising doom.

Presidential tug-of-war

Uzra Shamal
As the Election Complaints Commission announced that it had investigated all allegations of fraud, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that no candidate had received 50 per cent of the vote. A…

Vanity care

Uzra Shamal
Mudslides in Badakhshan killed 2500 people in a single day and flash floods have devastated the northern Afghan province and neighbouring regions. Civil society efforts like 'the tent of empathy' in Mazar-e Sharif…