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Bee a business for Afghans

Moeen Mandokhail
Many Afghans living in Pakistan work in agriculture. Our Quetta correspondent Moeen Mandokhail visited two Afghan apiarists working at a bee farm in the Dera Ismail Khan district in North Waziristan.

Doctor's borders

Zarwali Khoshnood
The sudden influx of refugees to Khost from Waziristan, who have fled the Pakistani army's offensive against anti-government insurgents since June this year, means some Pakistani professionals have not only moved…

A breath of trash air

Abdur Razzaq
With as many as 6,000 outdated brick kilns across Pakistan, according to one study, the environment is struggling to contain the fumes, as are local residents who are forced to live with the air pollution.

Selling childhood

A. Zia
Many children work from a young age in Pakistan, such as these young girls in Peshawar.

Shots across the divide

Farid Shinwari
Just like their cricket counterparts, Afghan football teams often travel across the border to play tournaments in Pakistan.
Nomad's land
17.11.2014  |  Borderline View
Free ride
13.11.2014  |  Borderline View
Cash in trash
11.11.2014  |  Borderline View
'Mini Kabul'
7.11.2014  |  Borderline View
Khyber jam
6.11.2014  |  Borderline View
The Chaman show
5.11.2014  |  Borderline View
Sticky wicket
3.11.2014  |  Borderline View