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Elections 2014: Finding the leader

Fareedoone Aryan
Less than 24 hours before Afghans return to the polls to elect a new president, voters and analysts reflect on the nature of Afghan democracy.

Abdullah and Ghani neck-and-neck ahead of run-off

Farhad Peikar & Afghanistan Today contributors
Hours before voting stations opened Saturday morning, pollsters had not identified a clear front-runner between the two remaining contenders.

Elections 2014: Regional views on the Afghan vote

Wisal Yousafzai
After a lauded first round of presidential elections, observers in neighboring countries evaluate Afghanistan's future prospects.

Elections 2014: Tribe or nation next?

Waheed Orya
Will ethnic voting grow stronger in the second round? Will the IEC print enough ballot papers for voters and IDs for its staff? And who will the losing candidates from the first round side with? Waheed Orya…

Elections 2014: Profiting from politics

Khalil Rahman Omaid
Wedding halls boosted their profits by hosting campaign events.
Elections 2014
Last-minute hopes
3.04.2014  |  Elections