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Elections 2014: Election Day photos

Afghanistan Today journalists
Afghanistan Today presents snapshots of the elections from across Afghanistan on one of the most important days in the country's recent history.
5.04.2014  |  Various Afghan provinces

Forty-three-year old Mohammad Nabi casts his vote at the Ray Abad poll centre in Ghazni Province. (Photo: Rahmat Alizada)

Voters wait in line in the Spin Khali Koshal Khan area of Kabul before being searched by security and entering the poll centre. (Photo: Khalil Rahman Omaid)

A senior citizen casts her vote at a female polling station in Nowabad, Ghazni City. (Photo: Rahmat Alizada)

Women wait for a poll centre to open in Kabul shortly after the 7am scheduled opening hours. (Photo: Zafar Shah Rouyee)

An IEC official checks to see if a voter already has ink on his thumb in Kabul to prevent fraud through duplicate votes. (Photo: Zafar Shah Rouyee)

Atta Mohammad Noor, governor of Balkh Province, casts his vote this morning in Mazar-e Sharif. (Photo: Waheed Orya)

The queue outside a polling centre at around 10am in Kabul. (Photo: Zafar Shah Rouyee)

A father and son walk out of a voting centre hosted at the Rabia Balkh School in Mazar-e Sharif after casting their votes this morning. (Photo: Waheed Orya)

Ready, steady, dip: a voter in Mazar-e Sharif prepares to cast his ballot. (Photo: Asghar Noor Mohammad).

An IEC official stamps a ballot at the Sultan Qeyasodin High School poll centre in Balkh Province. (Photo: Asghar Noor Mohammad)

Two female voters at the Zarghoona High School poliing centre in Kabul. Despite Taliban threats to disrupt the election day with mass violence, first reports suggest female turnout across the country has surpassed expectations. Reports of attacks on poll centres have however surfaced in Khost, Wardak and other regions. (Photo: Masood Momin)

Poll stations across the country are preparing to close at 6pm Kabul time, following the granting of a one hour extension by the IEC because of disruptions and delays at certain voting centres. Reports have emerged of many poll centres having already closed because they ran out of ballot papers, possibly due to an unexpectedly high turnout in many places. (Photo: Asghar Noor Mohammad)

A source for the Ministry of Defence said more than 350,000 Afghan soldiers were deployed on April 5 to ensure a peaceful vote. Pictured are men in Jalalabad queing to enter a poll centre. (Photo: Naqib Ahmad Atal)

A man and a group of children break into dance after the 6pm closure of poll centres on Nasir Khosraw Balkhi Street in Mazar-e Sharif. Despite repeated threats of Taliban violence, only minor attacks have so far been reported. (Photo: Waheed Orya)

A disabled voter approaches a poll centre in Paktia Province this afternoon. (Photo: Haqmal Masoodzai)

Voting in eastern Paktia Province was similar to other areas, with few security incidents long queues and a large turnout. (Photos: Haqmal Masoodzai)