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Founding mothers: staff at the Aabnos Photography House in Herat discuss priorities at a weekly meeting. (Photos: Storay Karimi)
More than a Kodak moment
29.05.2013  |  Business
Well connected: A rare example of a store with 24-hour electricity in Asadabad. Some locals say corruption explains most exceptions to the provincial power shortages (Photos Waak)
A Kunar power struggle
20.05.2013  |  Business
New market forces: Faizabad grocer Sher Mohammed is happy to have a daily supply of fresh produce. (Photos: Usmani)
Wedge through the wilds
11.02.2013  |  Business
Entrepreneurial edge with a frilly finish: Most design whims can be incorporated in the rooms, from boardroom table to kitchen range.   (Photos: Khoshnood)
Come into my container
30.01.2013  |  Business
The nuts and bolts: materials used to make local variants of Afghan Device (Photos: Dr. Ismail Wardak)
The innovators
Afghan Device healing bone-by-bone
19.12.2012  |  Business
Inventor Rajab Ali Andishmand's drone - in his living room. (Photos: Massood Momin)
The innovators
Trials of a trailblazer
22.11.2012  |  Business
Supporting NATO keeps hundreds of logistics companies in work. Here a civilian truck passes British troops unloading coils of razor wire in Kandahar. (Photo: Nick Allen) Cover photo: Civilians syphon off fuel from an overturned tanker in the Salang Pass north of Kabul. (Photo: Wafa Wafaurahman) 
Logistic fortunes of war
16.08.2012  |  Business
Not Gul Seema, but a member of the many families across Afghanistan who, despite legal, moral and religious considerations, grow poppy to survive. (Photos: Atal)
The Kunar poppy split
12.07.2012  |  Business
Family business: Rasool's son stands beside parts of a new windpump as they are being welded together (Photos: Rahimi)
The innovators
Second wind for farmers
3.07.2012  |  Business
Electronic locksmith Khairkhewa, left, before he graduated last year. (Photos: Private)
The innovators
Unlocking a mental revolution
11.06.2012  |  Business
Esmatullah's shop 'Irfan Coolers' is ialmost submerged under stacks of coolers awaiting purchase. (Photos: Omaid)
The innovators
Cooling it in Helmand
16.05.2012  |  Business
Waiting for a potent investor with modern technology: Workers at a gas field in Shiberghan. (Photos: Böge) 
Curse or blessing?
25.03.2012  |  Business
Classes continue but the university has no permanent premises. Here students sit exams in rented office space adjoining a noisy food market in Ghazni city. (Photos: Alizada)
The drifting university
19.03.2012  |  Business
Unlucky dip? A makeshift medicine stall in Jalalabad (Photos: Sharifi)
Impurely medicinal
10.01.2012  |  Business
In the northern provinces, large parts of the yield have been destroyed by drought. (Photo: UNHCR)
Vicious circle of debt
31.12.2011  |  Business
Trade officials have for months been unable to unjam the terms of the signed transit agreement, leaving many vehicles stranded. (Photos: Sahar Majeed) 
Stuck in transit
28.12.2011  |  Business
Wasted Aid
4.12.2011  |  Business
The volume of traffiic through the pass has spawned many cafes and stores at the border. (Photos: Atal)
Carrying on up the Khyber
30.11.2011  |  Business
Thirsty work: US Marines unloading water supplies in Helmand. (Photo: Allen)
When the market dries up
10.09.2011  |  Business