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Rajib Andeshmand, the grandfather of Afghan invention (see 'Trials of a trailblazer'), gives a presentation in Kabul in 2012. (photo: Alex Macbeth)
The innovators
From home made-fridges in Helmand to scrapyard planes in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan remains full of innnovation, despite the lack of resources, support or training for inventors.
The innovators

Safety first

Zarwali Khoshnood
A student at Khost Technical Institute has created an electronic door that automatically closes when it detects bullets.
The innovators

Made in Mazar

Asghar Noor Mohammad
Mohammad Ferooz, a metalsmith in Mazar-e-Sharif, used old spare parts and scrap metal to build a car. Ferooz hopes to make more cheap and efficient vehicles in the future.
The Innovators

Plane sailing

Asghar Noor Mohammad and Waheed Orya
The Innovators series resumes with a profile of Samangan mechanic Zabihullah who has made his own plane using scrap metal and a boat engine.
The innovators

Child makes digger based on photo

Haqmal Masoodzai
Despite the lack of support for science and innovation in Afghan schools, a young inventor in Logar has created a mini excavator from syringes and plastic pipes based on a photo he saw in class.
نمونه یی از روبات ساخته شده نمونه یی از روبات ساخته شده نمونه یی از روبات ساخته شده
The innovators

Afghan era of robotics

Masood Momin
From cheap fridges to drones and orthopedic devices, scientists in Kabul defy funding hurdles and address the country's technological needs. Their latest invention is Smart Tank, a robot created by students from…
Because of the device's suspicious components, buyers had better keep it from view of security forces on the look-out for bombers. Main photo: Mawlawizada with his invention and own vehicle, which he is confident will never leave his possession. (Photos: Rouyee)
The innovators
A real shocker for car thieves
7.08.2013  |  Business
All eyes on the screen: local residents watch a Bollywood film in an ice cream parlour in Paktia Province. (Photos: H Masoodzai)
The innovators
Breaking the ice
2.07.2013  |  Diary
Inventor Rajab Ali Andishmand in Kabul's Shahr-e Naw Park earlier this month, still intent on destroying his life's work. (Photos: Alizada)
The innovators
Bonfire of invention
12.03.2013  |  Diary
The innovators
Smashing home the message
12.02.2013  |  Afghan Eye
The nuts and bolts: materials used to make local variants of Afghan Device (Photos: Dr. Ismail Wardak)
The innovators
Afghan Device healing bone-by-bone
19.12.2012  |  Business
Inventor Rajab Ali Andishmand's drone - in his living room. (Photos: Massood Momin)
The innovators
Trials of a trailblazer
22.11.2012  |  Business
Family business: Rasool's son stands beside parts of a new windpump as they are being welded together (Photos: Rahimi)
The innovators
Second wind for farmers
3.07.2012  |  Business
Electronic locksmith Khairkhewa, left, before he graduated last year. (Photos: Private)
The innovators
Unlocking a mental revolution
11.06.2012  |  Business
Esmatullah's shop 'Irfan Coolers' is ialmost submerged under stacks of coolers awaiting purchase. (Photos: Omaid)
The innovators
Cooling it in Helmand
16.05.2012  |  Business
Zemaray Helalee runs the electricity supply in Nimruz Province. In his spare time he is more focused on the skies above. (Photos: Private)
The innovators
Dreams of drones
3.05.2012  |  Society