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Water Management in Af-Pak

Orphan River

Afghanistan Today journalists
Our contributors and editors in both Afghanistan and Pakistan spoke to several high-ranking officials in relevant ministries as well as dozens of local, provincial and national water stakeholders.

Taliban's jailbreak was part of plan to capture Ghazni

Rahmat Alizada
The escape of 350 militants from Ghazni prison in September was part of a complex scheme to overrun the volatile province, say experts.

Russia eyes new role in Afghan security

Khalil Rahman Omaid
The Afghan government attempts to score a weapons deal with Russia without drawing the NATO rival into another proxy war.

Wardak forces assaulted by Taliban propaganda

An attack on a checkpoint in Wardak caused more than a hundred soldiers stationed at nearby police positions to abandon their posts and flee. Is the Taliban's propaganda breaking the morale of Afghan forces?
 (photo: Khushqadam Usmani)  (photo: Khushqadam Usmani)  (photo: Khushqadam Usmani)
Northern war

Taliban at the gates of Badakhshan capital

Khushqadam Usmani
While government forces struggle to defend key districts near the city of Fayzabad, former mujahedin commanders are rallying new fighters to defend the province against the Taliban's onslaught in the north.
 (photo: Masood Momin)
Unity Government
Fight against corruption gets its own hotline
22.09.2015  |  Politics
The Pakistan Army has built trenches along a 400-kilometer stretch of the Durand Line. (photo: Wisal Yousafzai)
Af-Pak relations back at square one
13.08.2015  |  Politics
Women in Kunduz attend a job fair aimed to strengthen their numbers in public sector jobs. (photo: Gul Rahim Niazman)
Women in the workforce
13.07.2015  |  Politics
A newspaper stand in Kabul displays headlines from the daily press. (photo: Masood Momin)
Saur memories
28.05.2015  |  Politics
Supporters of General Dostum at a rally last year.  (photo: Asghar Noor Mohammadi)
New game, old rivals
12.05.2015  |  Politics
Unrest in Badakhshan
21.04.2015  |  Politics