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Dipping Into Healing Waters at Sholgara's 'Spa'

Tahera Hussaini
Locals believe that if they take a dip in a certain Sholgara district spring, they won't fall sick. The small oasis draws dozens of visitors.
3.09.2015  |  Balkh

In the mostly agricultural Sholgara district, in the north of Afghanistan, a special spring draws dozens of locals to bathe. The spring is thought to have healing powers. Happily for local women, the fact that the spring does allegedly have health-giving properties means that they are also allowed to bathe here, alongside local men. Due to religious conservatism, Afghan women usually don't swim in mixed company, if at all; it is thought that over 90 percent of them don't know how to swim. Which is why a paddle in this spring is such a drawcard.

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