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A Mosuli family rests in their traditional tent near Khost city.  (photo: Zarwali Khoshnood)
Mosuli nomads fight stateless status
26.06.2015  |  Society
 (photo: Wazhma Fazli)
Afghan women's green fingers
19.06.2015  |  Society
 (photo: Asghar Noor Mohammad)
Afghan Eye
Harvest time in Balkh
17.06.2015  |  Society
 (photo: Zarwali Khoshnood)
Afghan Eye
More than a road sign
15.06.2015  |  Society
A crumbling house in Kharwar (photo: Faridullah Ahmadzai)
Logar's forgotten village
12.06.2015  |  Society
Public opinion in Khost province is divided over the persona of hanged mafia boss Raees Khudaidad, whom many see as a hero of the people. (Cartoon: Urza Shamal)
Murderer or Robin Hood?
28.04.2015  |  Society
An adult literacy class in Bamiyan province. (Photos: Zafar Bamyani)
Girl power in Bamiyan
27.04.2015  |  Society
A taste of Kabul
21.04.2015  |  Society
Feroza received a medal of honor from Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Ulumi for the extraordinary bravery she showed defending her village from the Taliban. (Photo: Interior Ministry of Afghanistan)
Nerves of steel
15.04.2015  |  Society
A customer enjoys a fast food delicacy from a Lazeez rickshaw in Kabul. (Photo and video: Masood Momin)
Kabul's meals on wheels
7.04.2015  |  Society
Drummers prepare for a public meeting in Paktika. (Photos: Ahmadullah Ahmadi)
Beat of Afghan democracy
2.04.2015  |  Society
Helmand police officer Abdul Ghafor Afghaniyar, 24, has defused over 6,000 mines in his four-year career. (Courtesy photos)
Defusing the tension
26.03.2015  |  Society
Nomad's land
28.12.2014  |  Society
The Chaman show
21.12.2014  |  Society
Cash in trash
21.12.2014  |  Society
A breath of trash air
20.12.2014  |  Society
Wrongs and rights
19.12.2014  |  Society
Khyber jam
16.12.2014  |  Society
Sticky wicket
15.12.2014  |  Society
Get goat!
15.12.2014  |  Society
Bee a business for Afghans
13.12.2014  |  Society
Free ride
12.12.2014  |  Society
Culture without borders
12.12.2014  |  Society