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A car made in Mazar-e Sharif (photo: Asghar Noor Mohammad)
The innovators
Made in Mazar
14.09.2015  |  Business
The Innovators
Plane sailing
17.08.2015  |  Society
The Pakistan Army has built trenches along a 400-kilometer stretch of the Durand Line. (photo: Wisal Yousafzai)
Af-Pak relations back at square one
13.08.2015  |  Politics
The bride, typically in her early teens, is often forced to marry a man for times her senior. (photo: Uzra Shamal)
Human rights
Rural girls fall victim to 'baad' marriages
23.07.2015  |  Society
Buddhism in Af-Pak
15.07.2015  |  Society
Women in Kunduz attend a job fair aimed to strengthen their numbers in public sector jobs. (photo: Gul Rahim Niazman)
Women in the workforce
13.07.2015  |  Politics
Female pupils attend primary school in Ghazni province.  (photo: Rahmat Alizada)
Losing the battle for young minds
9.07.2015  |  Society
Road construction is underway on the Torkham-Jalalabad highway, a major route for trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan. (photo: Fareedoone Aryan)
Two economies, one voice
7.07.2015  |  Business