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The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has proposed to change the weeked to Friday and Saturday to increase national productivity. (photo: Waheed Orya)
Cabinet reviews Afghans' time off
20.10.2015  |  Business
The nuts and bolts: materials used to make local variants of Afghan Device (Photos: Dr. Ismail Wardak)
The innovators
Afghan Device healing bone-by-bone
19.12.2012  |  Business
Taking the lead in 3G
2.12.2014  |  Business
Computers for the masses
13.08.2014  |  Business
Supporting NATO keeps hundreds of logistics companies in work. Here a civilian truck passes British troops unloading coils of razor wire in Kandahar. (Photo: Nick Allen) Cover photo: Civilians syphon off fuel from an overturned tanker in the Salang Pass north of Kabul. (Photo: Wafa Wafaurahman) 
Logistic fortunes of war
16.08.2012  |  Business
Not Gul Seema, but a member of the many families across Afghanistan who, despite legal, moral and religious considerations, grow poppy to survive. (Photos: Atal)
The Kunar poppy split
12.07.2012  |  Business
New streets and bridges are strengthening trade with Afghanistan's neighbours. (Photo: Rahimi) 
The new Silk Road
3.01.2011  |  Business
Whether cookies or cars: Salesmen prefer rupees. (Photo: Sharifi)
Foreign exchange
21.12.2010  |  Business
Road construction is underway on the Torkham-Jalalabad highway, a major route for trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan. (photo: Fareedoone Aryan)
Two economies, one voice
7.07.2015  |  Business
Because of the device's suspicious components, buyers had better keep it from view of security forces on the look-out for bombers. Main photo: Mawlawizada with his invention and own vehicle, which he is confident will never leave his possession. (Photos: Rouyee)
The innovators
A real shocker for car thieves
7.08.2013  |  Business
Ghori I is the only active cement factory in Afghanistan despite the lucrative market in the country. (Photos: Nasrat Parsa)
A loss-making cash cow
6.07.2011  |  Business
Unlucky dip? A makeshift medicine stall in Jalalabad (Photos: Sharifi)
Impurely medicinal
10.01.2012  |  Business