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 (photo: Storay Karimi)
Child Rights
Ground rules
12.10.2015  |  Society
Leaps away from reality
27.04.2015  |  Gallery
Learning on the go
24.04.2015  |  Afghan Eye
Get goat!
15.12.2014  |  Society
Herati women enjoy a mid-day meal at Scranton restaurant. (Photo: Aref Karimi)
No men allowed
27.10.2014  |  Society
Refugee life
14.10.2014  |  Afghan Eye
No longer a safe haven
22.09.2014  |  Politics
A league of their own
18.08.2014  |  Society
Prayer time in Herat
15.07.2014  |  Gallery
'Professor Messi'
13.07.2014  |  Society
Patients at the Herat Hospital for Mental Health. (Photos: Aref Karimi)
War on the mind
4.07.2014  |  Society
Founding mothers: staff at the Aabnos Photography House in Herat discuss priorities at a weekly meeting. (Photos: Storay Karimi)
More than a Kodak moment
29.05.2013  |  Business
Infrastructurally challenged: Herat's parking problem has solutions on paper but patchy application of regulations. (Photo: ISAF Media. Main photo by kind permission of Naeem Azizian) 
39: Stuck in traffic
10.03.2013  |  Diary
Women entrepreneurs
Smooth as silk
21.12.2012  |  Afghan Eye
Female recruits learn to search suspects, helping to prevent veiled and disguised attackers from penetrating security cordons. (Photos: Baraz)
Women cops step up
12.07.2012  |  Society
Ladies of the law
12.07.2012  |  Gallery
Electronic locksmith Khairkhewa, left, before he graduated last year. (Photos: Private)
The innovators
Unlocking a mental revolution
11.06.2012  |  Business
Zemaray Helalee runs the electricity supply in Nimruz Province. In his spare time he is more focused on the skies above. (Photos: Private)
The innovators
Dreams of drones
3.05.2012  |  Society
Lure of a better life
19.12.2011  |  Society
Sita runs the gauntlet on Herat's roads (Photos: Ahmadi)
A new driving force
31.10.2011  |  Society
Relying on human kindness: Nita(left) and a friend amble along a Herat street, begging bowl in hand. (Photos: Ahmadi) 
Beggars' belief
18.09.2011  |  Society