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Stretching the limits
1.04.2015  |  Afghan Eye
Sarwar Khan and one of his falcons at his shop in Jalalabad. (Photos: Naqib Ahmad Atal)
Poacher's playground
24.05.2014  |  Business
New national icon: Fallen Afghan Bordcer Police officer Mohammad Qasim has become a symbol of pride and resistance to Pakistani encroachments. Main photo; Afghan troops stand their ground in Goshta. (Photos: Atal)
31: Border boils over
6.05.2013  |  Politics
Shamshad TV is still finding its way in a country bound to traditional values and swamped with foreign influences. (Photos: Atal)
TV turbans in the mirror
21.01.2013  |  Society
This brick kiln by Jalalabad is typical of hundreds working across the country: Long hours and low pay for thousands of men and their sons and daughters in violation of child labour laws. (Photos: Sharifi) 
Hostage to the brick kilns
22.04.2012  |  Society
Continuation of war with other means? Hizb-e Islami is said to provide banners and other material to protesters at Nangarhar University. (Photos: Sharifi) 
Campus politics
11.04.2012  |  Politics
Women in Nangarhar being carted over the border to Pakistan by husbands to spare their feet on the walk. Unluckier peers in some districts face possible sale by dissatisfied spouses. (Photo: Atal) 
What price for a woman?
21.03.2012  |  Society
Unlucky dip? A makeshift medicine stall in Jalalabad (Photos: Sharifi)
Impurely medicinal
10.01.2012  |  Business
The volume of traffiic through the pass has spawned many cafes and stores at the border. (Photos: Atal)
Carrying on up the Khyber
30.11.2011  |  Business
Chained in his own filth: All part of Hazrat Mohammad's cure, say the attendants of the Mia Ali shrine near Jalalabad. (Photos: Sharifi)
Chained to tradition
7.11.2011  |  Society
Nangarhar central prison: Safer on the inside than outside, say some women who face the wrath of vengeful relatives when they complete their sentences (Photo: Shafia Veqar)
Where to from here?
1.10.2011  |  Society
Judge Amirzada Tasel sentenced and personally flogged Sharifullah. (Photos: Atal)
Rough justice
7.07.2011  |  Politics
In Kabul's glitzy wedding halls, grooms change clothes several times in a wedding night. (Photos: Basir Seerat)
11: The love-match
3.05.2011  |  Diary
A barber shop in Nangarhar. (Photos: Atal) 
Insulted, but proud
1.05.2011  |  Society
Despite all the violence in their country, Afghans still love action movies. (Photo: Gittoes Film)
11.04.2011  |  Society
The visible and unvisible damage inflicted by the attack on Kabul Bank is still overshadowing business life in Jalalabad. (Photo: Sharifi)
01: Sinister tactics
5.04.2011  |  Politics
Whether cookies or cars: Salesmen prefer rupees. (Photo: Sharifi)
Foreign exchange
21.12.2010  |  Business