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Women in Kunduz attend a job fair aimed to strengthen their numbers in public sector jobs. (photo: Gul Rahim Niazman)
Women in the workforce
13.07.2015  |  Politics
The price of a girl
3.06.2014  |  Society
Two ltanker drivers rest in the shade of their vehicle near Mazar-e Sharif. Drivers are often held up for hours 'negotiating' tariffs with officials. (Photo Rohullah Rahimi - Main: Fazl Rahman Muzhary)
Bribe and prejudice
27.10.2012  |  Society
Wasted Aid
4.12.2011  |  Business
18: Appreciated once a year
31.10.2011  |  Diary
17: Luck of the Hajj draw?
27.10.2011  |  Diary
German soldiers used to walk in Kunduz' city center in 2005. Today, they only pass in armoured vehicles. (Photo: Niazman) 
Mixed feelings
19.05.2011  |  Politics
Many students can hardly read and write when they graduate from an Afghan madrasa. (Photo: Niazman)
The real Taliban
18.04.2011  |  Society
Photos: P.J. Tobia
09: Number 39
16.02.2011  |  Diary