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 (photo: Masood Momin)
Unity Government
Fight against corruption gets its own hotline
22.09.2015  |  Politics
A newspaper stand in Kabul displays headlines from the daily press. (photo: Masood Momin)
Saur memories
28.05.2015  |  Politics
30 days in
29.10.2014  |  Politics
Ashraf Ghani faces corruption and bureaucratic adversity as he tackles issues such as prison reform. Nevertheless, he has become the protagonist of various rumors that tell of his no-nonsense attitude. (Cartoon: Uzra Shamal)
20 days in
20.10.2014  |  Politics
A man in Kabul inspects an election poster of now-President Ashraf Ghani before last year's run-off. An escalation of violence has since dampened public support of the new government..  (photo: Zafar Shah Rouyee)
10 days in
9.10.2014  |  Politics
On a power trip
4.09.2014  |  Politics
Sharing the stage
31.07.2014  |  Politics
Elections 2014
Finding the leader
12.06.2014  |  Politics