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 (photo: Zarwali Khoshnood)
The innovators
Safety first
30.10.2015  |  Business
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has proposed to change the weeked to Friday and Saturday to increase national productivity. (photo: Waheed Orya)
Cabinet reviews Afghans' time off
20.10.2015  |  Business
The many sides of the Af-Pak border (photo: Uzra Shamal)
Money laundering
Cash in
15.10.2015  |  Business
A car made in Mazar-e Sharif (photo: Asghar Noor Mohammad)
The innovators
Made in Mazar
14.09.2015  |  Business
Road construction is underway on the Torkham-Jalalabad highway, a major route for trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan. (photo: Fareedoone Aryan)
Two economies, one voice
7.07.2015  |  Business
Taking the lead in 3G
2.12.2014  |  Business
The Taliban have practically shut down mobile phone coverage in Wardak near Kabul, despite a plethora of cellular towers on site. (Photo: Qarib Shahab. Main photo: Rahmat Aliuada)
Talib ban on mobiles
26.11.2014  |  Business
Forever on the move: 80-year-old gadi leader Acheldi has been rding a horse-drawn cart in Mazar for half a century. (Photos: Waheed Orya).
Horsepower struggles
15.10.2014  |  Business
Falling off the grid
4.09.2014  |  Business
A beekeeper shows off one of her colonies in Balkh Province. (Photos: Asghar Noor Mohammad)
Too good to sell
26.08.2014  |  Business
Computers for the masses
13.08.2014  |  Business
Fishing for a market
28.07.2014  |  Business
نمونه یی از روبات ساخته شده (photo: مسعود مومن )
The innovators
Afghan era of robotics
6.06.2014  |  Business
Sarwar Khan and one of his falcons at his shop in Jalalabad. (Photos: Naqib Ahmad Atal)
Poacher's playground
24.05.2014  |  Business
Leading the way for Kandahar women. Bibi Gullah, a shop owner and family breadwinner. (Photos: Nang Durrani)
Trading places
4.09.2013  |  Business
Because of the device's suspicious components, buyers had better keep it from view of security forces on the look-out for bombers. Main photo: Mawlawizada with his invention and own vehicle, which he is confident will never leave his possession. (Photos: Rouyee)
The innovators
A real shocker for car thieves
7.08.2013  |  Business
Despite a recent surplus in wheat and maize production in Balkh this year, much of northern Afghanistan still depends on flower imports from neighbouring Kazakhstan. (Photos: Waheed Orya)
A tale of two harvests
3.08.2013  |  Business