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 (photo: Masood Momin)
15.12.2015  |  Society
در حدود یک میلیون از باشنده گان کابل در دامنه های کوه زندگی میکنند (photo: ظفرشاه رویی)
Urban living
A mountain to climb
17.09.2015  |  Society
The bride, typically in her early teens, is often forced to marry a man for times her senior. (photo: Uzra Shamal)
Human rights
Rural girls fall victim to 'baad' marriages
23.07.2015  |  Society
 (photo: Wazhma Fazli)
Afghan women's green fingers
19.06.2015  |  Society
A customer enjoys a fast food delicacy from a Lazeez rickshaw in Kabul. (Photo and video: Masood Momin)
Kabul's meals on wheels
7.04.2015  |  Society
Wrongs and rights
19.12.2014  |  Society
Free ride
12.12.2014  |  Society
Nadia's gate
2.12.2014  |  Society
Keeping the ball rolling
17.09.2014  |  Society
Fashion victims
23.05.2014  |  Society
A long way up: hill communities in Kabul's First District experienced daily shellings in the 1990s and residents are still without water (Photo and main photo: Ahmad Faisal)
Uphill struggle
10.10.2013  |  Society
Parliamentary privilege
9.10.2013  |  Society
A customer browses at a Kabul street stall that sells rosaries, a popular item during the fast. Main photo: Staff at a guest house in the capital use the lull in business to sleep through the day. (Photos: Ahmad Faisal)
The small print of Ramadan
18.07.2013  |  Society
The healing game
8.07.2013  |  Society
Whether before or behind the camera, film making is a tough field to break into for Afghan women. Here Alka Sadat is pictured on a shoot. (Photo: Samira Sadat)
Hard to shoot
9.03.2013  |  Society
Mohammad Khalid Tayyib, deputy director and co-founder of YPOA, at the organisation's offices in Kabul. (Photo: YPOA archive)
A mending of minds
20.12.2012  |  Society
Afghan national team cyclists in training. (Photo: Wafaurahman)
Cyclists power up
13.11.2012  |  Society
Fastest snack in the east
8.11.2012  |  Society
On the ball
14.10.2012  |  Society