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A Mosuli family rests in their traditional tent near Khost city.  (photo: Zarwali Khoshnood)
Mosuli nomads fight stateless status
26.06.2015  |  Society
Public opinion in Khost province is divided over the persona of hanged mafia boss Raees Khudaidad, whom many see as a hero of the people. (Cartoon: Urza Shamal)
Murderer or Robin Hood?
28.04.2015  |  Society
Doctor's borders
9.12.2014  |  Society
Born  again? Inmates at Khost Central Prison have been attending sponsored  'darasa' or religious education in a campaign designed to combat  illiteracy and deplete the local insurgency.
Verse behind bars
11.01.2013  |  Society
Shafia proudly poses with her gun to demonstrate how she fought the Taliban. (Photos: Khoshnood)
Small Malalai
28.03.2012  |  Society
Hakmeena never leaves the house without her pistol. As a member of the provincial council, she is in danger of becoming a target of the insurgents. (Photos: Khoshnood)
The female elder
21.06.2011  |  Society
Elders in Khost. (Photo: Khoshnood) 
The end of a tradition
1.05.2011  |  Society