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The performance lasted 20 minutes before the blast. Ironically, it explored the topic of trauma after explosions. (Photos: Samira Sadat)
I survived a suicide attack
16.12.2014  |  Diary
Ancient footsteps, modern tracks
8.12.2014  |  Diary
People queued for hours to cast their votes on April 5. (This and main photo: Zafar Shah Rouye)
60: The real winners
12.04.2014  |  Diary
A press conference in Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province (Photo: Naqib Ahmad Atal)
56: The tightrope narrows
29.12.2013  |  Diary
Tap, tap, tap: clients play soccer on a PlayStation at a games hall in Mazar-e Sharif. (Photo: Orya. Main and other photos: Asghar Noor Mohammed)
55: Chilling in Mazar
23.12.2013  |  Diary
Cartoons lampooning prominent figures are still rare, not because of outrage or censorship, but because Afghan media,managers prefer to run adverts in the space. (Uzra Shamal)
54: In a cartoon world
7.12.2013  |  Diary
Pakistani geologist Sadiq Malkani demystifies local discoveries of dinosaurs at the AT October workshop in Islamabad. Main photo: A unanimous thumbs-up at the end of the three-day event. (Photos: Alex Macbeth) 
53: Reporters with borders
7.11.2013  |  Diary
Twin columns of light mark Ground Zero in New York. Around the globe, the 9/11 date was feted by millions of Afghans following their country's SAFF trophy win. (Photo and main photo: Peikar)
The two 9/11s
12.09.2013  |  Diary
Ghazni, city of peace and friendship, reads the inscription at the gateway marker, a welcome sight to travellers arriving from Kabul. (Photo Gwakh)
49: Bridge to heaven or hell
16.08.2013  |  Diary
Tailors turn their greatest profits of the year before Eid, as people get new traditional clothes made for the holiday. (Photos: Orya)
48: Marching to Eid
7.08.2013  |  Diary
A member of the group of Kunduz children who campaigned this week for an end to sales of toy guns. (Photo: Gul Rahim Niazman)
47: Growing into gunplay
4.08.2013  |  Diary
City of light: Kabul's power supply has improved dramatically in the last three years, illuminating formerly dark districts. (Photo and main photo: Faisal)
46: Learning the Kabul ropes
27.07.2013  |  Diary
All eyes on the screen: local residents watch a Bollywood film in an ice cream parlour in Paktia Province. (Photos: H Masoodzai)
The innovators
Breaking the ice
2.07.2013  |  Diary
The head of the Helmand Press Club, Zainullah Stanakzai, fires off his next story from the group's office. (Photos: Omaid)
43: Strength in unity
2.04.2013  |  Diary
Well digger Zalmai risks his life boring water holes, often more than 100 metres deep in the ground. (Photo: Mohib Patang. Main photo: AT)
42: Descent into the earth
26.03.2013  |  Diary
Inventor Rajab Ali Andishmand in Kabul's Shahr-e Naw Park earlier this month, still intent on destroying his life's work. (Photos: Alizada)
The innovators
Bonfire of invention
12.03.2013  |  Diary
Infrastructurally challenged: Herat's parking problem has solutions on paper but patchy application of regulations. (Photo: ISAF Media. Main photo by kind permission of Naeem Azizian) 
39: Stuck in traffic
10.03.2013  |  Diary