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Af-Pak 2014
Doctor across the border
19.12.2014  |  Af-Pak
Af-Pak 2014
CASA-1000 lights the way
20.11.2014  |  Af-Pak
The Pakistan Army is digging a 2.4 by 3-metre trench stretching 480-kilometres along the Durand Line.  (photo: Wisal Yousafzai)
Af-Pak 2014
Taking to the trenches
31.10.2014  |  Af-Pak
Police officials cut down poppy plants during a raid in Gulestan. (Photos: Wisal Yousufzai)
Cartel corridor
23.10.2014  |  Af-Pak
Living side-by-side
11.09.2014  |  Af-Pak
Bare bones of Jurassic Pak
31.12.2013  |  Af-Pak
A Kabul craftswoman uses a gas torch heat to set stones. (Photo: F. Aryan). Main photo:  This chunk of topaz from northern Afghanistan was used to decorate rings and ear rings. (F. Aryan)
Af-Pak 2013: Oh what a gem!
23.12.2013  |  Af-Pak