About MICT

MICT - Media in Cooperation and Transition is a German media development organization that implements projects in Iraq, Sudan, and Afghanistan. Activities focus on the interplay between conflict, media coverage and reconciliation in crisis regions.

MICT's services comprise the training of journalists and media producers, program and content development, production of radio programs, films and books, as well as media research and monitoring in conflict zones. At MICT headquarters in Berlin an international team of 15 full-time staff members directs the smooth operation of all activities. All projects are realized in close cooperation with our partners on site.

Through its activities MICT is aiming to foster the transformation of conflict towards reconciliation and encourage dialogue among conflicting factions within society. Focal point is the interaction and interdependence of media and conflict. Supporting media cooperation, media networking and media development, as well as capacity building in the field of journalism, is presumed to be a key factor in conflict transition.

MICT is financed and supported by the Belgian Foreign Ministry, the German Foreign Office, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, UNESCO, UNIFEM, UNAMI, the Government of Canada, and the Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies.

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